24 hour totals of rainfall between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning.EXPAND
24 hour totals of rainfall between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning.

Weather Weekend: After the Downpour, A Beautiful Easter Weekend Ahead for Houston

As predicted, midweek was soggy and came with a rather spectacular early-morning sound and light show. Most of the region received at least two inches of rain with some northern suburbs getting as much as four inches between midday Wednesday and early Thursday morning.

The main line of thunderstorms rumbled through Houston beginning around midnight with heavy downpours, occasional hail and even a few small tornadoes. There was also loads of thunder and lightning, which was great for pet owners with scared pups and kitties (let's just say not all of us got a good night sleep Wednesday night).

But, the storms and the cold front cleared Houston before rush hour on Thursday and in its wake a noticeable drop in both temperature and humidity with winds shifting out of the north.

For all of its bluster, this cold front did leave behind some spectacular weather just in time for Easter weekend. Good Friday should be gorgeous with highs right around 80 degrees under sunny skies and with low humidity. Saturday might be a touch warmer but lows both nights will be right around 60 degrees with clear skies. And, best of all, the rain will have tamped down the raging pollen counts that have been brutalizing all of us the past month. So, get on a patio somewhere and enjoy it!

By late Saturday, the moisture in the air will begin to rise as the southerly flow from the Gulf returns. By Easter Sunday, that won't bring higher temperatures, but it will feel a bit warmer as humidity increases. With just a few clouds in the sky, Easter should be beautiful and perfect for egg hunts for the kids (nevermind for fairways at the Houston Open).

It may have gotten some of our (and our pets') nerves on edge with all the rain last night, but no major flooding reported and the weekend will be glorious. Enjoy!

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