Weather Week: Finally, Some Rain in the Forecast

Thunderstorms rumbled through on Sunday and more could be on tap this week.
Thunderstorms rumbled through on Sunday and more could be on tap this week. Photo by Thomas Khran via Flickr
For all of the heat we've all had to deal with over the last couple weeks, Sunday afternoon and evening felt decidedly cooler. It was also a lot wetter. Parts of Houston, particularly north and west of the city, received 3-4 inches of rain in just a few hours as a strong line of thunderstorms pushed slowly across southeast Texas.

Conditions don't look as though they will be quite as favorable for that level of intense, widespread storms this week, we've got a much better shot than we've had in a few weeks.

Monday is setting up to be a lot like Sunday with highs coming early in the day before showers and possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. Again, conditions won't be in place for what we saw Sunday, but it doesn't mean certain spots won't get a good dousing. Cloudy conditions could keep temps in the 80s, but even a little sun will push that into the lower 90s.

Tuesday and Wednesday will see a slight decrease in rain chances and hotter weather. The best chances for additional rain come on Tuesday afternoon. Highs both days will be in the 90s and humidity will be through the roof thanks both to the moisture in the atmosphere and the heat coming up from the saturated ground.

As we get into the end of the week, rain chances again increase leading into the long holiday weekend. At this point, Friday looks like the rainier of the two days. Showers could linger into the weekend, but we'll worry about that later. For now, keep the umbrella and the rain boots handy this week.
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