Maybe we all just need to hunker down with a Picos margarita or two to get through the rest of the Houston summer.
Maybe we all just need to hunker down with a Picos margarita or two to get through the rest of the Houston summer.
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Weather Week: Summer for Real Descends on Houston

If you recently moved to Houston and thought to yourself, "Holy crap, it's hot here in the summer." Well, congratulations for your first Houston lesson. We hate to burst your bubble, but what you've seen isn't quite summer yet. Oh, sure, it's been hot as hell, but the peak of summer is still a few weeks off. We get our first glimpse of that this week.

Over the weekend, we were treated to some very typical summer weather patterns in southeast Texas with highs in the lower 90s and scattered showers and thunderstorms occasionally dropping some rain long enough to take us from sauna to steam room.

By Sunday, we got our second dose of Saharan dust, which drifted into Texas off the Gulf of Mexico. The skyline was shrouded in haze, something we'll probably see for another day or two before it dissipates once again. Unfortunately, when it does, we'll still be left with the heat.

All week, you can expect high temperatures to reach into the middle and upper 90s. We don't expect to see any triple digits, but 98 in the afternoon will be no surprise. Unlike the last couple weeks, don't expect much rain to cool us off. Much of Texas will be under the control of a large dome of high pressure that should squash any real chances of rain this week. Our proximity to the Gulf makes the chance for an afternoon shower always a slight possibility, but where most days have 20 to 30 percent chances, that number is closer to 10 percent this week.

So, welcome to Houston. You're just in time for summer.

In the tropics...

Post-tropical storm Beryl re-formed off the east coast over the weekend, but it poses no threat to the U.S coastline. Otherwise, the Atlantic is mostly quiet and should remain that day for the next week.

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