Subtropical Storm Alberto is heading for the northern Gulf Coast as hurricane season approaches.
Subtropical Storm Alberto is heading for the northern Gulf Coast as hurricane season approaches.

Weather Week: Sunny Skies and Alberto

The end of this week marks the start of hurricane season and we've already got some action in Gulf, but while Alberto churns towards a date with the northern Gulf coast, we will remain firmly planted in the heat of summer.

We'll discuss the onset of hurricane season in greater detail later this week, but let's start with Subtropical Storm Alberto. First, what exactly is a subtropical storm? Good question. A subtropical storm is similar to a tropical storm, but it produces less rain and is less likely to turn into a larger storm like a hurricane. Subtropical storms tend to occur at these times of year and late into the fall when conditions aren't ideal for full tropical development.

It is possible that Alberto will become better organized and turn into a full on tropical storm and the National Hurricane Center is saying that is certainly before landfall late Monday. It is expected to produce heavy rainfall all along the upper Gulf coast, particularly east of New Orleans.

As for our weather, it is decidedly less interesting unless you are riveted by a forecast where every day has high temperatures in the 90s with partly cloudy skies. In that case, you're in for a treat, fella.

Weather for this holiday-shortened week will be hot and mostly clear. As with Houston weather in the summer, the afternoon heating mixed with moist air from the Gulf could certainly produce some rainfall, even a few thunderstorms. But, there aren't any significant weather makers in our immediate future, just a whole lot of heat and sunshine.

But if Alberto is reminding us of anything, it's that we should be thankful for uneventful forecasts given the official start of hurricane season is just a few days away.

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