Weather Weekend: At Least Friday and Sunday Look Nice

Unfortunately, our Saturday could look a lot like this.
Unfortunately, our Saturday could look a lot like this. Photo by eflon via Flickr
In the ever-changing world of Houston-area weather, spring is perhaps the most frustrating. Do we need a jacket or a T-shirt? Do we bring an umbrella or sunscreen? Will I walk outside and be burned to a crisp within three seconds of stepping out the door or will I be soaked to the bone within the same time frame? It's a complex juggling act we Houstonians perform this time of year.

We wish we could give you better news for the weekend, but unfortunately, the best we can do is say Friday and Sunday look nice.

Thursday and Friday, in fact, should be staggeringly lovely with highs in the 70s and dry air flooding the region. If there was ever a time for a "personal day" one of these two would be it. By Friday night, warm, humid air will start to creep back into the area as winds began blowing out of the south.

As a fairly decent weather system approaches from the north clouds and rain will begin to enter the picture by Saturday morning. Expect plenty of clouds and pretty solid rain chances on Saturday, probably in the 70-80 percent range, especially in the afternoon. Some rainfall could be heavy with perhaps a thunderstorm attached, but the most severe weather should remain to our north.

Back to the good news. The rains should subside by Sunday morning and skies should begin to clear in the afternoon giving way to a very nice Sunday afternoon and evening. The only negative is when the Sunday blues set in around 3 p.m., the weather will serve only to remind you of what a washout your Saturday was (insert sad trombone).

Try to imagine Friday, Saturday and Sunday as the components of a sandwich. On the outside are two beautiful, freshly baked pieces of bread, a baguette perhaps. Your'e thinking how wonderful it will be to add whatever delicious meat products you might have in the center. Unfortunately, you forgot that your weird hippie uncle was invited over for lunch and he's bringing his infamous tempeh marinated in fish sauce for filling. The bread is still good though, right?

Try to enjoy.
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