Houston, You Are Terrible At Driving

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We may not be Pasadena, but at least we're no Garland
​Yesterday we learned that Houston traffic sucks, according to new info from the state. Today we find out that it might be better that cars are in crawl mode around here because Houston drivers, you suck.

Allstate's annual rankings of safe-driving cities shows Houston in a dismal 161st place, and 13th overall among Texas cities.

Houstonians are about 30 percent more likely to get in an accident than the national average for a city.

Boy, you guys are bad. Us, we're good, but the rest of you -- forget it.

The safest Texas cities, like last year, are in the Valley, where nothing exciting ever happens except the occasional raid by head-chopping Mexican drug lords intent on kidnapping and mayhem. And drugs.

But Pasadena comes off better than us, and that' s a poke in the eye. Sometimes you can't even see other cars through the refinery fumes in Pasadena.

Worst Texas city is Garland, where you're a whopping 43.6 percent more likely to be in an accident than the average.

We've been to Garland. It's safe to assume these accidents were caused by people trying to get out of town as quickly as possible.

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