Houston Zoo Cute-Off: And Then There Were Two

You know how in the `80s, the NFC dominated the AFC in the Super Bowl, so that the real NFC Championship Game was the real title game and the Super Bowl was a foregone conclusion?

We're kinda getting that feeling with the 2010 Houston Zoo Cute-Off. We love Lou the Tenric (who might not be a tenrec, one of our commenters says), but we don't hold out much hope for him against the mighty Baylor, uber-cute destroyer of all who claim cuteness over him.

Still, this is a competition we must see through to the end. And who's to say Lou isn't the John Elway of it all, ready to topple the heavy favorite?

Look at that face. You gotta give the guy a little consideration, don't you?

Nah. You're all going to vote for Baylor. We just know it.

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