Houston Zoo Cute-Off: The Second Round. No Monkeys Allowed

The first round of voting in the great Houston Zoo Cute-Off is finished, and one thing is clear: Everyone hates Baylor the baby elephant. And Houston is no place for Saki Monkeys.

Actually, we're kidding about Baylor. But not about the Saki Monkey. Dude got stomped by a meerkat, for crying out loud.

Now begins Round Two. New pictures!! (All by our Christopher Patronella, Jr.) Tougher choices!! Will it be...

1. Lou, the Tenrec?


2. Bonnie, the Guinea Pig

Remember, you are allowed to click back to the original round for further study.



3. Unnamed Prarire Dog


4. Unnamed Slender-Tailed Meerkat

The battle of the unknowns!! The prairie dog's first picture was much better, though.


5. Zuri, the Pygmy Falcon


6. Unnamed Flamingo Chick


Battle of the birds....Tough call here. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------


7. Unnamed Shoebill Stork


8. Baylor, the baby elephant

Shoebill stork, you have met your match, we predict.

Although it's all up to you! Vote in the comments. Remember, pick the winner from each pair:

1. Lou the Tenrec vs. 2. Bonnie the Guinea Pig -- choose one 3. Unnamed Prairie Dog vs. 4. Unnamed Meerkat -- choose one 5. Zuni the Pygmy Falcon vs. 6. Unnamed Flaming Chick -- choose one 7. Unnamed Shoebill Stork vs. 8. Baylor the baby elephant.

Get voting!

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