Houstonian Survives First Day Of Amazing-ness

Houstonian Jodi Wincheski and her partner have (apparently) survived to live another day on The Amazing Race.

The reality-Tv show's 14th season premiered last night, and Wincheski was on one of the teams, partnered with a fellow Southwest Airlines flight attendant.

According to this report, they came close to being eliminated but managed to come through at the end.

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Also according to that report, The Amazing Race is a show we'd never, ever want to watch. (And yes, we know it's won a lot of Emmys.)

A snippet of description:

they were in sixth place when they reached the first road block -- a bungee jump off Verzasca Dam, which Jodi did while Christie cried nervously -- and they were the last to complete the task of transporting 200 pounds of cheese down a hill at Kleine Rugen Weise.

But they knew what to do to stay in the race, and that was run as fast as they could in the final stretch to the pit stop in Stechelberg. They finished about 10 paces ahead of Preston and Jennifer from Columbia, S.C.

While normally we never miss a good transporting-cheese show, we're willing to make an exception here. (We do like how they have the superhuman knowledge of "what to do to stay in the race," which was "run as fast as they could.")

We're sure this race goes on for 20 or so episodes -- filled with cheese-transporting action!! -- and we'll try to keep you posted. But we make no guarantess.

-- Richard Connelly

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