Houstonian Tourist Brought Loaded Guns to 911 Memorial

Most New Yorkers think tourists are the worst. They saunter into the big city, squeezing like sardines into landmarks like Times Square and the Empire State Building and the 9-11 Memorial, wearing fanny packs and packing heat. 

Well, only a tourist from Texas would actually walk into the 9-11 Memorial packing heat, as one proud Houstonian did this weekend. Turns out that's very illegal in the Empire State, which has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. In fact, New York City has its own gun laws that are even more strict than the state's. This was also clearly against the rules of the 9-11 Memorial, which has signs posted all over the place specifically prohibiting weapons and firearms. 

All of that— any of that— should've stopped Houston-area resident and former U.S. Marine Elizabeth Enderli from bringing two loaded handguns into the memorial, but it didn't.  

Enderli, 31, actually whipped out a pair of pistols while walking into the memorial and asked where she could store them. Just picture that for a second: a person strolls into a somber museum memorializing the worst act of violence ever committed on American soil, pulls out two loaded guns and asks a security worker, "where do I put these?"

The security staff member must not have been very helpful, as Enderli reportedly spent that night in jail. 

"This whole thing is, pardon my language, bull-sh*t," Enderli's friend, Aimey Richardson, told the New York Post. "Our husbands don't give us a hug and a kiss, they pat us down to make sure we're armed. We're not allowed to go out without [guns]." 

Soon, however,  Enderli may not be allowed to go out without checking in with a parole officer. Court records show Enderli is charged with two counts (for two guns) of criminal possession of a loaded firearm— which is a felony— and could face up to three years in prison. 

Her next appearance in Manhattan Criminal Court is scheduled for August 28. And just in case your reading this, Ms. Enderli, you can't bring guns in there, either. 

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