Houstonian Wins A Million, Doesn't Come Back To Houston

Here's something you don't hear everyday, especially if that day is in August: The weather in Houston is better than Utah.

But that's what Jessica Robinson, the first-ever million-dollar winner on Deal or No Deal, is saying. She's taking her winnings and getting the hell out of Utah:

"I'm from Houston, Texas... But I hate snow. And it's not a personal thing for Utah. I hate snow in Colorado or in Alaska," she told reporters. "It's the weather thing. But we love it here."

(Note: Robinson might have been so gushing about Utah because the interview was in the Deseret News.)

So Robinson must be high-tailing it to Houston in August, right?


She's moving to Austin.

Robinson made it clear that what she really wanted to do was win enough money on the show to leave the Beehive state for the Lone Star state. She even thinks that helped her get on the show when she auditioned in Salt Lake City in April.

"I think it was, 'I'm pregnant and I want to go to Texas.' And I was totally crazy at the audition," she said. "It was like, Yee-ha! ... I'm not like that all the time. I promise."

Just not the Houston part of Texas.

-- Richard Connelly

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