Houstonian Won't Be America's Next Top Model, But She's Fine With That

The Houston area got hit with a double-shot of suck last week when Jasper native Michael Sarver  got the boot from American Idol and Houstonian Kortnie Coles was kicked-off America's Next Top Model.

We're not sure if Sarver is okay, but Hair Balls caught up with Coles, who is back in Houston and apparently doing great, glad to be back in warm weather.

First, Coles broke our heart when she hinted that what you see on ANTP is not exactly the real deal. She wouldn't tell us how long she'd been in New York with all those other models, because she wasn't sure if she was allowed.

Other than that, it sounded like a great time, because Coles made two new friends - Celia and Allison - while living in that "great big mansion of estrogen." She didn't get along so well with Sandra, though, who she compared to Dennis Rodman.

"Anyone who feels entitled, like the world revolves around them and they deserve everything, and they look in the mirror all time, it just makes you want to throw your cereal," Coles said.

Coles is the anti-model. She worked some when she was 14, but decided she wanted to finish school instead. She did and went back to the agency, but her body had changed.

"They were like, 'Ewww, I don't know about those curves. You're going to have to lose a lot of weight or get out of here.'"

When she showed up to a casting call for ANTP, she was the only one wearing tennis shoes.

"Every one else had high, high heels and club wear and ghastly make-up and hair products," she says. "The only way I was going to make it work was if I rolled in there like they were my buddies."

It all worked out until this week, and now she's home. Coles started a non-profit in Houston last year called Alliance of Life and Love. Not exactly sure what it does, but she explains that "we get together for a good cause, but we're also having fun at the same time."

Of course, now she wants to pursue full-time modeling and a little bit of acting and whatever else interests her along the way.

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