Houstonians Think They're Great, Unlike All Those Other Houstonians

Straight from the “my-shit-don’t-stink” department, a recent poll shows that while Houstonians think that they are responsible, they think their neighbors are not.

The Responsibility Project, developed by Liberty Mutual, released their latest survey of 15 cities across the country, testing how residents feel about personal responsibility. Houston ranked smack in the middle at number 8. Minneapolis folks said their neighbors were the most responsible, while those selfish slackers and prima donnas in L.A. ranked last.

According to the poll, 67 percent of Houstonians answered negatively when asked if they think their fellow citizens have become more or less responsible over the past five years. Conversely, nearly the same number – 69 percent – said that they’ve become more responsible during the last five years. Gotta love that.

The survey also asked which celebrities and business leaders are good examples of personal responsibility. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Will Smith were among the top Houston vote getters.

Also of note: Brad Pitt edged out side-kick Angelina Jolie by a percentage point. However, nearly half of those polled simply said they couldn’t think of anyone.

Except for themselves, we assume.

-- Chris Vogel

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.