Houston's 10 Best Beach Homes

See that lovely view above? That's Galveston Bay, and it's looking better than ever this summer thanks to skyrocketing travel costs (have you tried to book an airline ticket lately?) and the massive oil spill that's decimating the rest of the Gulf coast.

What's more, real estate on Texas' Gulf Coast -- especially in Galveston and its surrounding areas -- is far more affordable than buying a little place in Cabo or Honolulu. (Okay, we still can't afford to buy anything down there, but we can dream. And rent. If we pool our money with a bunch of friends.)

For now, take a look at our slideshow of the 10 most stunning beachfront properties for sale right now in the greater Houston area and dream along with us about summers spent on your own slice of Crystal Beach.

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Katharine Shilcutt