Houston's Better Business Bureau Has No Love For Conn's, Despite What Conn's Implies

Yesterday, when we told you about Texas AG Greg Abbott going after the Conn's appliance chain for deceptive practices, we included the company's response.

Conn's said "a current measure of our dedication to customer service by our more than 3,200 employees is our Better Business Bureau rating. We currently receive the highest rating possible: A-plus."

Dan Parsons, head of the Houston Better Business Bureau, wants it known that the rating doesn't come from his outfit.

"To the contrary, we started action three weeks ago to remove them from membership," he tells Hair Balls. "It's very deceptive for them to claim 'The Better Business Bureaus love us,' when it's only one that does."

The A-plus rating came from the Beaumont-area BBB -- Conn's is headquartered in Beaumont -- and they seem to have re-thought matters.

The Beaumont Enterprise reports the listing has been changed from A-plus to "no report," which doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement.

Parsons says the Houston BBB has been dealing with the Conn's issue for some time. "We actually had them in the office in April and gave them 30 days to clean up their act," he says. "Some things changed, but the pattern remained the same."

The company is accused of using high-pressure tactics to sell worthless warranties. They've denied the charges.

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Richard Connelly
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