Houston's Drag Queen Needs Another Bump

The Bayou City Bitch has made the Top 25 in RuPaul's Drag Race, the single most important election since Obama took the presidency.

But now the second round of voting has begun, and there are only days left to cast your ballot for Anita Bump.

We only wish Anita could muster up more enthusiasm for the task. There's hardly any exclamation points or all-caps in her latest e-mail plea, at least according to the standards of people who use lots and lots and lots of those things:

Anita Bump has made the Top 25 in the nation!!!! I am in the FINAL ROUND of Rupaul's Drag Race!!! It starts today at 11am!!!! Please go vote at 11am! Vote everyday these last 7 days of the race!!!! Today's Blog "This is it & This is gay" was written today and is a required element for round 2. Check it out when you VOTE!!!! PASS THIS ON TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just one more exclamation point and we might have been convinced.

Still, feel free to offer your support for a proud Houstonian. Vote early, vote often.

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Richard Connelly
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