"Houston's Heidi Fleiss" Is Arrested

As KHOU first noted, the Heidi Fliess of Houston has been arrested.

Deborah Turbiville and her husband allegedly ran a call-girl ring out of the Galleria and Memorial areas, where johns would pay $350 or so for a session of emotionless sex.

More tantalizingly, there's a list of clients; as always in these stories, the list is described as including prominent lawyers, doctors and athletes. (Try to forget that most times no such prominent names ever emerge.)

The really smart guys left credit-card receipts. Because if there's one time when you want a clear paper trail, it's when you're paying a hooker.

Our predictions for this list:

1. A "prominent doctor" who will only become briefly prominent (and permanently divorced) when the list is made public.

2. An athlete who the public will have to be reminded which team he plays for, and who will forever more be linked to the incident in opposing fans' taunts. (We're guessing it's impossible for Houston to have two James Worthy-level busts.)

3. Everyone's major hopes -- some ancient news anchor, a prominent preacher, Bill White -- won't be on the list. Neither will any notes like "Be sure to make him wear the pink panties when you spank him; he prefers them."

4. Another prediction: Prostitution will somehow continue in Houston.

5. And somewhere, some idiot is using a credit card to pay for it.

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