Houston's Horniest Zip Codes

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The online dating service OkCupid.com claims its math-whiz experts have cracked the code to matching people up with likely soulmates, or sexmates.

We asked them for some Houston-specific info, and they gave us the local zip codes with the highest percentage of members asking for "casual sex." We could only give them 20 zip codes to work with, so it's not comprehensive.

Two of the hotter zips are in the vicinity of Lakewood Church, but we make no judgments here.

The top five zips:

1. 77046 -- Greenway Plaza: A lot of office drones taking time off from work to do a little hunting from their cubicles?

2. 77047 -- By 288 and the South Sam Houston: Ummm, count us baffled.

3. 77057 -- Memorial area: The rich are different than you or me. They cheat on their spouses. Or maybe they swap as a couple, who knows?

4. 77063 -- More Memorial: Work hard, play hard.

5. 77002 -- Downtown: Back to the office-drone theory.

The bottom three (and by "bottom" we mean lowest-ranking, not any type of sexual preference):

3. 77055 -- Between 290 and the Katy: With that traffic, people are too tired to cheat.

2 and 1 -- 77007 and 77019: Montrose, near the Heights and Washington Avenue: Only two conclusions can be drawn: Residents of these areas are either a) strictly monogamous, or b) use some other online hook-up service. We know what we're betting.

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