Should we let sleeping dog-flippers lie?
Should we let sleeping dog-flippers lie?
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Alleged Houston Dog-Flipper Still Trolling Craigslist

A longtime alleged Houston-area dog-flipper is at it again: Tavarius Williams, who has a history of acquiring and selling dogs via Craigslist, recently posted an ad seeking "a furry companion," although Williams's Facebook includes pictures of poodles for sale.

Humble resident Williams, a transgender woman who in 2015 advertised her "juicy round booty and warm juicy mouth" as an escort on a site called Tsphonesearch.com, was first brought to our attention in 2012 when she adopted a Chihuahua via Craigslist, and then tried selling it a few days later for $100. At the time, Williams had posted 41 Craigslist ads selling dogs in nine days.

While the 25-year-old Williams's latest ads claim that she "would love to adopt and spoil a dog plzzzzzz," her two Facebook pages — she is identified by her escort name, Autumn Symone Brown, on one — show what appears to be a pet dog. An April 2016 posting on one of her pages shows three miniature poodles selling for $300.

And in a post Wednesday afternoon, Williams was offering a ten-month-old Shih Tzu in exchange for a $200 "rehoming fee."

We called Williams for comment, but she told us she was sleeping and abruptly hung up. (Still, that's more polite than her December 2012 statement to us, wherein she used her juicy, warm mouth to issue an ice-cold admonishment: "Die. I'm giving you a warning...Don't take this as a threat, take this as a promise.")

Williams was charged in 2013 with theft for writing hot checks to an H-E-B, but the charges were dismissed after she agreed to pay restitution, according to Harris County District Clerk records. Those charges came just days after she completed probation for a 2012 marijuana possession charge.

With Houston's dreadful homeless animal problem, dog-flipping is an especially reprehensible line of work. We hope no one falls for the scam.

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