Houston's Latest Mystery Mansion

We're officially on the brink of obsession.

Browsing through the Houston Press Flickr pool this afternoon, we saw that an enigmatically named user called Secret5468 had posted a triptych of photos, all featuring the mystery mansion above. It calls to mind the Winchester Mansion with its rambling and slightly insane beauty, oddly-placed turrets and wrought-iron fence. But, maddeningly, Secret5468 didn't post any information about the manse or its location.

We've been obsessed enough in the past with certain of Houston's lost mansions to sneak into them just to satisfy our own curiosity or write long histories of their surroundings for the sake of our own edification. So we have to know where this house is.

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Readers, does this house look familiar to you? Can you tell us any more information about it?

Please, for the sake of all that is holy, tell us that it's haunted by the ghosts of escaped mental patients or that it's Houston's version of the Amityville house of horrors. We could die happy knowing that a treasure like that is in our backyards.

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