Houston's Love For Caffeine A Middling 15th Among Nation's Top 20. We Blame You, Water Drinker

Houston, you drink a lot of cofffee. Not as much as New York, definitely not as much as Seattle (of course), but more than Dallas/Fort Worth and Atlanta.

This comes from the Daily Beast, which has combined marketing data, a survey and whatever else they could find to make a pseudo-scientific listicle ranking the top 20 coffee cities in the U.S.

Houston, the home of three Starbucks on one single intersection, came in 15th.

We were ranked eighth in coffee shops per 100,000 residents and ninth in the vague "caffeine survey."

If you want the dreary details on how the list was made:

Market research firm NPD Group provided a list of the cities with the largest number of coffee shops (both independent and chain stores) per capita. From that initial list, we then considered total caffeine consumption as measured by the most recent annual caffeine survey, commissioned by HealthSaver and conducted by Prince Market Research in 2008. Cities on our initial per capita ranking that were not accounted for in the consumption survey were given a normalized score.

Additionally, we considered data on the average monthly spending on coffee purchases in the first quarter of 2010, according to personal budget service Mint.com. Cities in which Mint data was not available were ascribed an averaged value.

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