Houston's One Of The Fastest Cities (Please Note The "S")

Never have Houstonians been so glad to see the letter "S."

Usually, if there's a magazine out there trying to drum up publicity through a bogus list and Houston lands on it, it's because we're one of the Fattest Cities in America.

Now -- Frabjous day!! Callooh Callay!! -- we're one of the Fastest Cities. Please, please note the "s."

Fast Company magazine, which explores the digital business world and a whole bunch of other things (we assume, because we don't read it) has named Houston one of the country's 12 Fastest Cities. And it has nothing to do with speeding.


The twelve cities are noted for "their exemplary initiatives" in "improving neighborhoods, transforming lives, and helping build better, faster cities for the future."

And Houston gets a nod because of Discovery Green:

A street, a few gray parking lots, and a little patch of unused green. Dreary. When the property in downtown Houston came up for sale, city leaders knew they could find a better use for it than yet another condo/office building or a parking garage. They proposed Discovery Green, a 12-acre, $122 million park in the heart of downtown that has reminded urban planners of the power and potential of green space. Year-round programming -- exercise classes, concerts, films, festivals, a farmers' market -- have helped Discovery Green beat attendance forecasts....And, of course, the park is appropriately earth-loving, recycling its water and waste and drawing 100% of its power from renewable sources. Yes, we agree: much better than a parking garage.

Seattle is the fastest city of them all, by the way; others in the top twelve include Cleveland, Denver and New Orleans.

We assume we now will return to our usual status of magazine lists, and the next one will not include the key "s."

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