Houston's Randy Quaid, the pride of Bellaire High and UH, was recently arrested, along with his wife, in Marfa for allegedly walking out on a $10,000 hotel bill.

It was one more example of some odd behavior by the couple -- talk of their actions during the recent Broadway bomb Lone Star Love still comes up among the theater crowd.

Both Quaids profess their innocence of the hotel-bill charges (check out their handwritten statement to TMZ here), but however the case shakes out, one thing is clear: Randy is one celebrity who knows how to make a damn mugshot.

The Unibomber beard doesn't often get combined with an insouciant Sinatra-like toss of the suit jacket over the shoulder, but Quaid pulls it off easily here. Add the cheerful cackle, and the wife who looks like a recruit the Manson Family rejected for being too scary, and you have a mugshot that easily can stand up to the best.

Houston's Randy Quaid Enters Celebrity Mugshot Hall Of Fame

The celebrity section at mugshots.com provides us with the following examples:

Obviously, Quaid's coiffure is better-groomed than Nick Nolte's. But we never knew that Nick's hairstylist also trimmed beards.

Rip Torn's beard is in better shape, but he's got the completely wrong attitude here. Take the Quaid/Tom DeLay route here, Rip, and live it up. Lose the whole "Why me?" thing -- it ain't working.

Now this is the mugshot of a man you can easily imagine calling a female officer "Sugar Tits." As long as she's not Jewish.

Finally, we have our other Houston contestant, Anna Nicole Smith. If ever a mugshot said "Hey, rich guy: Nothing good will come out of getting involved with this woman," this is it. She looks only slightly less scarier than Quaid's wife.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.