Houston's Tea Party: Yes, There Was One

You probably didn't realize it, because the Left-Wing Socialist/Fascist Mainstream Media chose to ignore it, but there was yet another "Tea Party" in Houston over the weekend, which means another wacky, fun-loving combination of a) very odd people, and b) wildly overstated crowd estimates.

Organizers say up to 10,000 people showed up, according to Instapundit. Bloghouston says "HPD put the attendance at around 6,000," which is news to HPD's public-information office. They say they aren't in the business of estimating crowds, and didn't do it for this event. (Did one Tea-Party-loving cop throw out a guess when asked? Could be.)

Ten thousand people in Discovery Green? On a 102-degree day when most everyone was hiding in the shade?

Very unlikely.

K.C. Scharnberg, spokeswoman for Discovery Green, notes that the main-stage area has a capacity of 1,000 to 1,500. "It looks pretty full when there's 1,500 people there," she tells us.

Asked if the entire park could hold 10,000, she gasps. "Oh my goodness," she says. "That seems like a lot."

The "Jones Lawn," where the event was held, can indeed fit 10,000 people, Discovery Green officials say. But photos of the event show lots and lots of empty space, as no one wanted to be standing long in the sun.

No matter how many were there, the event did prompt more hilarity from Right Wing Sparkle, the Chronicle's clueless righty blogger.

One visitor wrote about how there were booths at the event for Glenn Beck, the John Birch Society and "Birthers" (the ravers who insist Obama was not born in Hawaii). He pointed this out to Sparkle, noting she didn't include pictures of any of that, and got this in response:

I would have PROUDLY taken pics of people who admire Glenn Beck's love for this country. Although I don't know what the reason is that Obama has spent a million dollars fighting a lawsuit demanding the bc [birth certificate], instead of just presenting it, I can see "the birth certificate folks" having a right to keep asking the question. Nothing wrong with the John Birch society either.

Let's see: A radio guy who's playing the part (we can only hope, for his sake) of a lunatic in order to sell books and ads to the gullible, an endorsement of the utter fallacy that Obama hasn't produced his birth certificate, and a big thumbs-up for the John Birch Society.

Conservatives in the Obama Age: Seriously funny.

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