Might be a good weekend to head down to the island and grab some sun with your pup.
Might be a good weekend to head down to the island and grab some sun with your pup.
Photo by Treva Wygle

Weather Weekend: Hope You Like It Hot

We hope you are in the mood for some more hot weather. You are? That's just swell. The work week certainly has not spared us from what has felt more like July in Houston than early June. And that isn't going to change this weekend, though we could have a shower or two, particularly Sunday. But, don't expect much.

Thursday and Friday will be...wait for it...hot. Highs will reach the mid 90s. And it won't be that delicious desert heat that everyone says is so much better than humid places like Houston. It's a dry heat. Look, we admit the humidity can get pretty rough, but at least we have youthful dewey skin.

Moisture in the atmosphere will increase on Saturday and Sunday. The jungle will only get more intensely humid, but it will increase chances for rain both days. That could help to keep temperatures down slightly, but all of the steam pouring off the sidewalks should more than make up for it.

Whatever rain we do get will be pretty scattered and it is unlikely we'll get more than a few showers here and there. But if you know anything about Houston, you realize The Woodlands might get three inches and downtown might never see a cloud.

At least the tropics remain pleasantly quiet right now. So, we got that going for us.

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