Weather Weekend: Sunny and Warm for Mother's Day

Plant some flowers with your mom for Mother's Day. It will certainly be warm enough.
Plant some flowers with your mom for Mother's Day. It will certainly be warm enough. Photo by Brando on Flickr
If you are planning on spending some time outside this weekend, you'll either feel really good about the forecast or really not so good. It all depends on how much you like the heat.

This week, we got our first taste of summer weather with highs reaching into the 90s for the first time this year. But, the humidity remained relatively low by Houston standards. That is now changing as warm air off the Gulf of Mexico begins moving into the entire area and bringing with it that trademark humidity we all know and don't love but at least appreciate for how young it keeps our skin looking.

The one small bit of good news is that through Saturday at least we shouldn't see any really hot temperatures. We'll get plenty of sun and a few clouds, maybe even a stray afternoon shower though nothing of significance, but the temps should remain in the mid to upper 80s. Nighttime lows will be mostly in the lower 70s and it will feel much more like Houston summer in the evening with more humidity and slowly diminishing breezes.

Mother's Day won't be much different though rain chances increase ever so slightly, at least closer to the coast. Still, it should be sunny and warm with highs reaching around 90. If you are doing brunch and you really want to be on a patio, make sure it is one with big umbrellas and some fans. Also, wear light clothing.

Basically, it's summer now, so do what you do. Maybe take a swim or do a little work in the yard if you are feeling up to it. More importantly, be sure to treat mom, which means if she is too hot, just go inside and enjoy a movie. She's worth it!
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