Houston's Worth It, Says Visiting Brit

Madame B., a blogger for Here Is The City News, "London's fastest growing financial website," was quite charmed by her recent stay here.

"Let's All Move to Houston" she urged in her headline, under which she gushed about her stay at the plush Royalton at River Oaks, with its free Starbucks in the lobby, marble floors, swimming pool and bathrooms the size of London master bedrooms.

Not to mention valet parking!

Valet parking outside of LA? "Oh, Houston is CRAZY for valet parking,'' our friend informed us. "It's actually annoying sometimes, especially when you have to wait for your car which is parked 10 feet away." Hard for us to imagine, given the version of parking we deal with in London.

Madame B's host seems to live a charmed life - trailed closely by a poodle named Chloe, she works from a home office and enjoys a daily noontime swim before cutting out early in the afternoon to visit her polo pony. (Thankfully, Madame B had the good sense to partially retract her statement that this sort of life was "how the other half lives.")

This highly-caffeinated, capacious idyll of seductively easy parking was all enough to win over at least one of those casually America-hating Euros President Obama was talking about the other day.

"Who cares if Texas is the home of GWB, cowboy hats not worn in a sexy, cool way, and a good dose of the more inward-looking American behaviour we prefer to avoid," she wrote. "With complimentary valet parking and Starbucks, I'll happily call it home."

Come back in August, Madame B., and see if you're singing the same tune.

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