How Irrelevant Have the Astros Become? You WILL NOT Be Able to Name Last Night's Lineup

The Astros long ago became an afterthought this year, about the first time someone touched a football in Texans training camp.

But how irrelevant have they become?

We are positive that no one in town outside of the most steadfast fan will be able to come up with the first names and positions of the people who played for the team last night. (And they won, beating the Phillies!)

No googling. Let us know how many you got right.

Schafer -- What's his (we're assuming he's male) first name and position? Sanchez Martinez Lee Bogusevic Paredes Altuve Quintero

We're probably batting .150 on the quiz, much like most of the Astros lineup. On the other hand, if you scored over .500, there is a big, beautiful world out there for you to enjoy in lieu of watching the Astros, and maybe you should check it out.

We'll fill you in on the answers later, but for now, test yourself. And remember, as our interactive chart shows, the Astros are certainly not alone when it comes to being a Houston sports team sucking in the 21st Century.

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