How Many Brave HISD Parents Refused To Let Their Kids's Brains Be Rotted By Obama? Not Many

HISD is releasing some scattered statistics on how many parents sent in "opt-out" forms so their children could remain God-fearing Americans instead of becoming Communist by listening to a president tell them to stay in school.

District spokesman Norm Uhl  says no survey of the district's 300 or so campuses will be conducted, but he has gathered some anecdotal evidence.

"Opt-outs range from none at Carnegie Vanguard, Mading Elementary, Frost Elementary and Thomas Middle School to 300 opt-outs at Westside High School," Uhl said. "Westside has about 3,000 students, so that's 10 percent. I've heard from several schools that only had a handful of opt-outs, such as 20 at Lamar HS which has 3,000 students."

Three hundred or so Westside parents actually demanded their children be taken out of class for the speech? Way to go, Wolves!!

If we could have bet on any high school taking the honor of being most ridiculous when it comes to listening to talk-show radio, Westside would have been high on our list. It's nice not to be disappointed.

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