How Many Times Will Otters Delay Houston Flights Before Something Is Done?

If we had a nickel for everytime we had to write an "Otter Delays Flight At Bush Intercontinental" story, we'd...be able to buy whatever costs five cents these days. (Answer: A shiny new nickel. Or an old one.)

But believe us -- we are going to be keeping an eye on this disturbing trend. It may not quite be sharks with frickin' lasers, but we don't know anyone who really trusts an otter.

A flight from Houston to Columbus, Ohio was delayed for 90 minutes last night because two otters got loose from the cargo hold, started gnawing some luggage and eventually got on the runway.

"This one goes in my book," Marlene McClinton, spokeswoman for the Houston Airport System, tells Hair Balls.

WSNB WBNS in Ohio used up all the otter puns anyone would want to in this report, so click away if you enjoy hearing that something was "otter-ly ridiculous."

No one, as far as we can tell, went the "Get these motherfuckin' otters off my motherfuckin' plane" route, but there's still time.

McClinton says the otters didn't make the Columbus flight, but she did not know whether they'd since taken another Continental jet. There was no word, at least, that they had delayed any further takeoffs.

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