..........or is he?

How Much Worse Can the Astros Get?

Well, it appears that Drayton's surge is working. The Astros have surged all of the way to last place. That's right, the Astros are now tied for last place in the NL Central with the Cincinnati Reds.

Jason Jennings got the start yesterday. And you know what it means when Jennings starts? The Astros lose. Jennings went five innings yesterday. In those five innings he walked four, gave up eight hits, and allowed seven earned runs. And seeing as the final score was 7-6, I guess you can say that if Jennings had been a bit more on the ball, the Astros might have won. (But why worry about Jennings. He's a good ole Baylor boy, like Drayton, so I'm guessing he'll be sticking around on the roster a while longer.)

Then again, I guess that you can say that if Lance Berkman would've been paying a bit more attention to his base coaches he might not have been thrown out at the plate trying to score. I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to get the idea God's not exactly working as Lance's co-pilot this season.

The Astros record has dropped to 40-55. They're tied with the Reds. The only teams with worse records are the Washington Nationals, to whom the 'Stros just lost two of three, and Tampa Bay, whom the Astros don't play this season.

The Astros move onto Pittsburgh for a three-game series that starts on Friday. The good news is that the Pirates are in a slump. The bad news is that the Nationals were in a slump when the Astros arrived. The Astros have lost 14 of their last 17 road games, and have lost five of their six games since the All-Star break.

How much worse can it get? I don't know, but the Pirates have had the Astros’ number this season (as has just about every team the Astros have played this season), so it could get lots worse. – John Royal

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