How Not To Commit Insurance Fraud

Died trying, police say
​It must have seemed a great idea at the time. Although the time in question was two o'clock this morning, so you never know.

At any rate, the plan was to drive your semi-trailer cab into a freeway column, jumping out before impact, and collecting the insurance dough.

The plan did not include falling on your head and killing yourself. Reality did include that, though.

Houston police say a 26-year-old man, whose name has not been released, drove his truck cab at about 50 mph towards a support column of the Eastex Freeway under the 610 Loop this morning. His business partner trailed behind in an SUV.

The partner watched as the man jumped out, and fell in such a way that he suffered a fatal head injury.

The truck kept going forward; the partner had to run after it, jump in and put on the brakes.

"Information was given to investigating officers that the victim was attempting to stage an accident and file a fraudulent claim with his insurance company," police say.

Didn't work out. An investigation is continuing.

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