How Not To Leave A Car Show

You go to a gathering of car enthusiasts, you want to impress. How not to do it: Do what the guy in the red car does in this clip. Follow closely; he comes in about the ten-second mark.

The video of the wipeout, which occurred earlier this month at Houston's Coffee & Cars meeting, is making the rounds of the net.

It also led the head of the group to issue what seems to be a recurring plea to members to not try to show off as they leave.

We've asked nicely, we've asked intensely. We've hired cops. We've moved the gathering away from the feeder road of a freeway. SO, the only thing we can think of next is shame. Vintage Park has agreed to give us one more opportunity to eliminate the show-off idiots in attendance, something that other property managers would not do. If you happen to see Goat Boy, please ask him how much a moment of stupidity costs. This also goes for the fool in the Corvette who felt the need to spin out while still on the property.

"Dumb doesn't begin to describe it," the message to members says.

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Richard Connelly
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