Here's how you can stay with us.
Here's how you can stay with us.
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Here's How to Keep Seeing Posts From the Houston Press With Facebook's Latest Update

As most of you know, Facebook has made a recent update to emphasize posts from friends and family in your news feed and a lot fewer posts from well, websites and professional pages like the Houston Press.

Why should you care? Well on a day like today, that might well mean you'd miss Clint Hale's report on where the best bars in Houston are to watch the Super Bowl. You'd probably miss Sean Pendergast's special take on the Tom Brady documentary. You might well miss Kate McLean's report on this week's Truffle Masters competition in Houston. As well as Jeff Balke's look at what we have coming up on Houston weather.

All delivered by writers with a Houston mindset, about things of interest, we think, to Houstonians from the comical to the profound, the whimsical to the how-dare-they!

So here's a guide on how to continue to see the Houston Press stories we post every day.

1.  If you don't already like/follow us, make sure to do so. See the above graphic on how to do this.

2. Once you hit follow — you'll know because it will say "following" — highlight over the follow button until options appear. Click "see first" and if you want to be the first to know when we go live on Facebook, feel free to click "on" under notifications. 

If you prefer to use Facebook and read our posts from mobile, here's how to do those steps from the phone.

1. Head over to the Facebook app, and hit the three vertical lines on the bottom right corner. Scroll all the way down until you see Settings.

2. Click Settings and then hit "News Feed Preferences" (seen below).

3. On the next screen you will see a few options to select from, choose "Prioritize who to see first." All of your Facebook friends and pages you like will appear here. Find Phoenix New Times and tap our red and white logo. Once you do this a blue star will appear on our logo. When you see that ...

4. Click Done on the upper right corner of the screen and voila!

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