How To Treat A City's Ills: Lame Jokes!

We've written before about the...ummm....interesting things going on in La Marque.

City officials have been resigning, the crime rate is rising, there are Ike recovery issues to be dealt with, people are pissed.

So let's lighten up with a joke, right? That's what La Marque Mayor Bill Charbonneau thought.

As the Galveston County Daily News reports, some people were offended by the prepared opening to his State of the City Address. As the paper put it:

Charbonneau, reading from prepared text, told the story of a woman who loaded up for a day out with her fishing pole, bait and tackle box. As she was headed out, she met the local game warden who asked to see her fishing license.

She told the game warden she didn't have one because she was not going fishing.

The game warden questioned her, noting that she had all the equipment to go fishing and that he intended to cite her for fishing without a license.

To which the woman responded, "Then I am going to charge you with sexual assault," Charbonneau said.

When the game warden questioned the woman why she would do that when he hadn't touched her, she replied, "Well, you're a man and you have all the equipment to do it so I am charging you with sexual assault."

To which the game warden responded, 'Have a nice day, m'am,'" Charbonneau said as he delivered the punch line.

The State of this City -- rolling in laughter!!

Charbonneau told the reporter he didn't think the joke was offensive, but added: "From the response of those attending and input from the Master of Ceremony it did not appear offensive. If it did offend you then I apologize."

While the joke doesn't seem offensive in any category except lameness, it also seems pretty unrelated to a State of the City address.

But then again, they do things differently in La Marque.

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