HPD Beating Video: Officials Really Don't Want You To See It

When word first broke that an alleged Houston police beatdown of a teenage had been videotaped, we speculated that law enforcement officials were dreading the day the video went viral.

That day is coming closer, and officials are fighting tooth and nail to keep it from happening.

District Attorney Patricia Lykos' office has filed a motion in a federal civil suit against some of the officers, saying the release of the video would prevent them from getting a fair trial.

"This motion was filed because criminal cases should be tried in the courts, not in the media," Lykos said. "The video is evidence and public release of it at this time would make it difficult to empanel a jury that could do justice in this case. It would likely delay the defendants' trials or result in a change of venue."

The Houston Chronicle and KPRC have hired lawyers and filed motions seeking to get their hands on the video, for which they deserve full props. The lawyer for the victim, former city attorney Benjamin Hall, told the Chron he has agreed not to describe what the tape contains but called it "absolutely atrocious."

Chad Holley, who was 15 at the time of the incident, has filed suit against HPD officers involved in it. Holley, suspected of burglary charges, was running from police March 24 and was caught in a storage-shed business. Security cameras at the business caught what happened then, and like we say, no one in city or county law-enforcement is looking forward to the day when it becomes public.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.