HPD Cop Abraham Joseph, Accused Rapist: More Details, More Allegations

Abraham Joseph, the HPD cop indicted on two counts of sexual assault, did not have a good day today.

First, prosecutors at a pretrial hearing this morning told the court Joseph, 27, has been implicated in five other similar alleged incidents, the Houston Chronicle reports.

And he's now facing a civil suit by the woman in the incident for which he was indicted; the woman is represented by former city attorney Benjamin Hall, who included graphic details of the alleged attack in court documents in a bid for a temporary restraining order against the cop.

In court, prosecutors did not offer many details on the other alleged incidents.

Joseph's attorney told reporters he would be pleading not guilty.

In the civil suit filed by Hall (read it here, but be warned: graphic content), the alleged victim says Joseph took her and a male friend into custody in the early morning hours of January 3 (the Chron says she was a waitress at a cantina), handcuffing her and groping her.

He dropped the handcuffed male passenger off on the side of the road, and then, the suit says, forced the still-handcuffed woman to have oral sex with him both before and after intercourse.

"The officer brought out a bottle of water from his squad car, started trying to wash the semen from Plaintiff's body, and to have her drink the remaining water ostensibly to wash away evidence of his ejaculate from her mouth," the suit says.

Joseph, who was born in India and somehow has four passports, is still in jail, unable to make a $500,000 bond.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.