HPD offers a lesson in "hands up, don't shoot"
HPD offers a lesson in "hands up, don't shoot"

HPD: Help Us Help You Not Get Shot by HPD

HPD has released a handy YouTube video that offers a basic rundown of how not to spook a cop that's decided to pull you over or detain you.

HPD Chief Charles McClelland says the department made the video after receiving numerous questions from citizens on "how best to interact with officers in the safest way possible for all."

The video, a guide to "Police and Citizen Interaction" first goes through the litany of reasons a cop might stop you: perhaps you're in an area where a crime has just occurred, have been identified as a witness or suspect, or you "appear to need assistance." Numerous times on the video, HPD officers tell you to make sure your hands are clearly visible and to avoid making any sudden movements once you've attracted the attention of the cop.

The video also briefly covers your rights to record interactions with cops. Of course, HPD says officers are totally justified in seizing your recording if they think it contains any evidence that might be useful. One officer reads from a script: "Law or policy may compel the officer to detain the citizen pending a determination of the recording's value as evidence."

At the end of the video, McClelland tells us: "Our goal in any encounter with the public is to maintain the safety with everyone. Your cooperation will greatly assist us in accomplishing this goal." If it can help you avoid ending up like this, this, this or this guy, then we guess the video is well worth a watch:

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