HPD Loses $50,000 Worth Of Sex Toys

We wrote back in 2005 about lawyer Richard Kuniansky's brave, noble and successful effort to free a man accused of selling sex toys at a Houston store.

Jose Escalante faced a year in jail and a $4,000 fine for selling obscene devices. Specifically, according to the arrest report, such novelties as the "Hustler Cyber Jel-Lee Magnum Cock With Balls Dildo."

He got off (insert joke here), but the story has taken on a weird twist.

More than $50,000 in sex toys were taken by HPD in the raid on Adult Video Megaplex; now, according to the Houston Chronicle, police say all the stuff is missing.

Over 500 dildos, vibrators, massagers, and whatever else the human mind can conceive of to further the celebration of humankind's urge to orgasm are gone from the HPD evidence room.

No court order was ever issued permitting their destruction, so it seems those scamps at the evidence room helped themselves (in more ways than one).

We just hope they didn't try to sell any of the stuff. That would break the Texas law designed to protect us citizens from the horrible decadence of sex toys.

And selling the stuff leads to trials like Escalante's. As we wrote back then:

Escalante's trial began October 11. "Jury selection was highly unusual in a case like this," Kuniansky says, "because I didn't want someone who would freak out over seeing a great big penis. So during jury selection I literally pulled out the biggest, baddest penis I could find and held it up."

Not his own, apparently, because no indecent exposure charges have been filed.

-- Richard Connelly

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Richard Connelly
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