Crime? What crime?

HPD Says Crime Is Down, Down, Down In Houston Town

The Houston Police Department is crowing over what it says is a significant drop in major-crime rates in the city so far this year.

We feel safer already.

HPD says the first three quarters of 2010 have seen a lot fewer incidents than the same period of 2009: Violent crime is down 12 percent, murders down 9.7 percent, rapes down 13.5 percent, robberies down 15.6 percent and aggravated assaults are down 9.2 percent.

Man, 2009 must have sucked.

"With all the challenges we face as a department in tough economic times, to realize a reduction in every major category of violent and non-violent crime is something the officers and citizens should be very proud of," HPD Chief Charles McClelland said. "I am convinced we are building trust and forming meaningful partnerships in neighborhoods."

McClelland said "there are a number of factors we do not control, but better use of technology, increased police-community relations and strategic deployment of resources has aided us in achieving these results."

HPD also said the time to respond to the highest-priority calls in September was 4.1 minutes, "well below the targeted time of 5 minutes."

So go ahead and leave all your doors unlocked, Houston. Things are under control.

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