HPD Seeks Customers Of (Allegedly) Pervy Dentist

If you've gone to the dentist lately and taken a leak, the HPD wants to talk to you.

Well, they do if you're dentist is Byron Weinle. He's the guy who's been accused of setting up a videotape system in his office bathrooms.

"Obviously, patients going into a dental care wouldn't even think about something like this happening," said Officer John Barnes with the Houston Police Department. What, the "Dentist/Voyeur" sign outside didn't tip things off?

Police want to talk to Weinle's patients to, we guess, ask them if they went to the bathroom.

We've been wondering how this investigation started, frankly. The investigators' report says one of Weinle's employees saw a videotape lying around, watched it, and then was presumably shocked to see video of someone going to the bathroom.

Who decides to play a random videotape? Maybe someone who's already suspicious that their boss is a perv. In which case wouldn't you find another place to work?

We do like this description from someone who's seen the investigators' report and talked to Hair Balls: "The dentist gave them a statement in which he said he had a closed circuit TV setup for a few years at the clinic, which included the concealed bathroom cameras. He said he removed it a couple of years ago, but recently brought the tapes back out for viewing, and that's when the employee found them."

Nostalgia -- it'll get you every time.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.