HPD Shootout With Disgruntled Motel Guest Ends in Suspect Stealing, Crashing Cop Car

Getting in a shootout with the Houston Police Department after getting kicked out of a motel is one thing. But getting in a shootout with HPD after getting thrown out of said motel, and then stealing and crashing a cop car? Well, that's a whole other ball of ballsy wax.

Apparently 26-year-old Patrick Ray Castro really didn't want to leave a motel off of Hempstead Road Wednesday morning after a motel employee tried to throw him and a woman with him out, according to an HPD report on the incident.

The motel employee flagged down HPD Officer Massey, who was on duty, in full uniform and driving a marked patrol unit, and advised Massey that the couple had been ordered to leave the property but wouldn't comply, according to the report.

Rather, they were sitting in a black SUV in the motel parking lot, and both appeared to be pretty darn intoxicated, according to the HPD report. After Massey observed the couple acting erratic from his vehicle, he exited his patrol car and attempted to detain them, says the report.

Here's where things get all Thelma and Louise.

As Massey approached Castro's passenger side, the dude pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the officer, according to reports. Massey then took cover behind another vehicle and pulled his own weapon, ordering Castro to drop his gun, according to the report.

Castro was apparently not down with those instructions, and allegedly told Massey that he was not going to jail and that either he would kill the officer or the officer would kill him, according to HPD.

Probably not the wisest of choices, right? Well, it gets better.

Massey, who is apparently the most patient man on earth, reportedly continued to order Castro to drop his weapon, and Castro allegedly continued to point the gun at the officer, saying that he was not afraid to die and that he would kill Massey.

But right about that time is when Massey apparently noticed that there was someone inside the car he'd been taking cover behind, which, well, holy shit.

For obvious reasons (like, say, not wanting to use a human shield), Massey held off on firing his gun, according to the report, even as Castro jumped into the officer's patrol car, drove it through the parking lot and hit another car as he took off.

That left Massey with no choice but to fire his gun at his own damn police car, which he did, according to the report, and the gunfire struck the patrol car's windshield while Castro allegedly shot back from inside the car.

It doesn't end there, though.

Castro continued on his little cruise, heading up Creekmont, where he crashed the cop car into a tree, according to HPD. After Castro tried to take off on foot, a bunch of citizens held onto him until police arrived to arrest him, says the report. Yeah, those citizens? They're also ballsy.

According to the report, Castro's gun was recovered at the scene, and he was found to have three outstanding felony warrants.

The female passenger, on the other hand, was not injured and cooperated with the investigation, according to HPD. She has not been charged with a crime at this time.

Castro, however, is charged with aggravated assault against a public servant.

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