HPD Sting Snags HBU Cop with Coke

A three-year veteran of the Houston Baptist University police force has been fired and now faces first-degree felony drug charges after the Houston Police Department caught him in a sting operation yesterday.

According to the Harris County District Attorney's office, HPD had received a tip that an HBU cop was shaking down motorists on the campus. To bait him, HPD sent some shady-looking undercovers rolling through the campus with a big sack of cocaine in the car.

Police say the two cops were pulled over by 30-year-old Jesse Frank Perry. Instead of arresting the cops, Perry turned the men loose, helped himself to the blow and attempted to go on his merry way. He was arrested within minutes by still other cops.

According to KHOU, HBU police chief Charles Miller is "devastated" by the news. Not only did Perry have a clean work record, he also played the organ at his church.

He might be an organist, but he sure isn't a choirboy...

He has since been fired, and he faces a charge of possession of cocaine (over 400 grams) with intent to deliver. His probable cause affidavit also notes that he carried a gun in the commission of this crime -- in this case, his service revolver. Doh!

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