HPD's Most Wanted Hit-And-Run Driver Of The Year

If you're a hit-and-run driver, it's a given the police are looking for you. But when you're the hit-and-run driver whose crash ended with a Houston cop being killed while he was investigating it, then the cops are really going to be looking for you.

So if you're the driver of a white Suburban who hit two motorcycles at two in the morning May 29, your clock is ticking.

Crime Stoppers announced today that they are seeking the public's help in finding the driver of what's believed to be a 2001 white Chevy Suburban. That driver clipped two motorcycles on the north loop, and HPD officer Kevin Will was sent to investigate.

As Will was interviewing witnesses, a Volkswagen driven by Johoan Rodriguez, 26, blasted through police barriers. Rodriguez, believed to be drunk, hit Will and killed him. He has been charged with intoxication manslaughter of a peace officer.

Even without the tragic death, HPD has good reason to be looking for the driver:

The Chevy suburban dragged both motorcycles over 1700 feet down the freeway and then fled the scene. One victim was transported to the hospital with serious bodily injuries. The second victim was treated and released at the scene of the accident.

Drag two motorcycles 1,700 feet and then drive away? Ballsy.

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