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The Cleveland Browns Aren't Welcoming Brock Osweiler With Open Arms

Brock Osweiler probably won't get a welcome like this one that he got in 2016.
Brock Osweiler probably won't get a welcome like this one that he got in 2016. Marco Torres
Brock Osweiler probably won't get a welcome like this one that he got in 2016. - MARCO TORRES
Brock Osweiler probably won't get a welcome like this one that he got in 2016.
Marco Torres
For former Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler, it's been quite the 180-degree turn in just 12 months. In March 2016, his arrival at his new place of business was a celebration, with the keys to an NFL franchise finally being handed to him after four seasons of mostly backup duty to Peyton Manning in Denver. Osweiler was a hero in Houston before even taking a snap, the possible final piece to a Super Bowl puzzle.

Fast-forward to March of 2017, and we know what's happened so far with Brock from an employment standpoint — he and his $16 million guaranteed salary were sent packing to Cleveland, with Houston's 2018 second round draft choice figuratively stapled to him to compensate the Browns for inheriting that salary and the Black Cloud of Brock (until they themselves can move him again this offseason).

No celebratory press conference this time, no slew of one-on-one fluff interviews, no H-E-B commercials. Hell, the press release the Browns put out to announce the trade led off by touting the virtues of acquiring draft choices and barely mentioned Osweiler until the very end.

Literally, the only thing that stayed the same for Brock since this time last year is his tax bracket.

Now, here we are in late March, and Cleveland's efforts to flip Osweiler again — presumably, after paying part of his salary — for more draft picks have seemingly stalled. Go figure, there don't seem to be teams out there that think Brock Osweiler can play quarterback competently. Quite honestly, if Browns head coach Hue Jackson's answers to an NFL Network interview that aired Monday indicate his true feelings, it appears the Browns might also be one of those teams that think Brock Osweiler is shot.

When asked if Osweiler was part of the team's plans for the upcoming season, Jackson said:

"He is. Obviously, he's a player on our team and we're going to treat him just like we do all of our other quarterbacks until he's not."
Wow. Ringing endorsement. Feeeeel the Brock-citement!

Basically, Jackson says, "We will coach him because he is here, and will do so until we are no longer forced to." And by the way, is it wrong that when I see the phrase "treat him like we do all of our other quarterbacks" uttered by a Browns employee, all I can picture is the shackled string of new inmates being escorted into Shawshank prison, except they're wearing Browns jerseys that say KESSLER, HOGAN and OSWEILER on the back? (And yes, this would make Brock the "tall drink of water with the silver spoon up his ass.")

More from Jackson:

"[Brock's] a guy that's gonna come in and compete. We haven't had an opportunity to meet with him from a football standpoint because of the rules. But once we start our offseason program, phase one, we'll get a chance to know him and he'll get to know us."

Oh, let me tell you,'re gonna LOVE HIM...

Quickly, the latest Houston Texans post A-Brock-alypse starting QB possibility rankings:

1. Tony Romo (free agent signing after likely Cowboys release, or via trade with Cowboys) LAST WEEK: 1
2. Jimmy Garoppolo (trade with New England) LAST WEEK: 2
3. Kirk Cousins (trade with Washington) LAST WEEK: 3
4. Jay Cutler (free agent after likely release by the Bears) LAST WEEK: 4
5. Tom Savage (on the current roster) LAST WEEK: 6
6. A.J. McCarron (trade with Cincinnati...need some new blood on the list) LAST WEEK: Unranked
7. Drafted Rookie (drafted in first or second round) LAST WEEK: 7
8. Colin Kaepernick (free agent...who now stands for the national anthem!) LAST WEEK: 8
9. Any recycled O'Brien discard (Fitzpatrick, Keenum) LAST WEEK: 9
10. A broomstick with a bucket for a head LAST WEEK: 10

Dropped out of rankings: 5. Chase Daniel

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