Huge New Recycling Bins, For Only The Best Houston Homeowners

Last week, on recycling day, our little green bin disappeared.

Stolen, we figured, either full (for the cans) or empty (for....an art project?).

The next day, mystery solved: The city replaced it with a new giant bin with wheels, the same size as the regular trash container but painted in a fetching green.

Turns out our neighborhood (Westbury represent!) is one of a handful in the city designated for a pilot project that will be announced formally next week.

We get the big new bins and we get to throw in glass, plastic, paper, whatever, into them with reckless abandon.

"It's called single-stream recycling," Marina Joseph of the city's Solid Waste Department tells us.

About 10,000 homes in Meyerland, Old Sixth Ward, Pine Loch in Clear Lake and other areas will take part in the program. They will be serviced by the same kind of trash trucks with grappling arms that take the regular bins, as opposed to having workers jump off trucks, pick up the small bins and sort out plastic from paper.

Not to mention that "a lot of people are very, very excited about having carts with the wheels," Joseph says.

Plus the capacity: 96 gallons, as opposed to the 18 gallons you peons have to put up with. Now the bins may just be able to hold two weeks' worth of Bud cans. (And your neighbors can't nose around to count them!)

The pilot program is scheduled to last for a year and then will be evaluated to see if it should be expanded.

Until then, soak in your jealousy, suckahs.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.