Why stop at 30 hours?

Hunger Buster

When you get a press release that says "More than 500,000 teens across the nation will participate in this year's famine," you can't help but take notice. And so it was with

World Vision

's e-mail this morning about how hundreds of Houston teens will starve themselves for 30 hours ("consuming only liquids") to raise awareness about people who sometimes go hungry for as much as

31 hours


A representative for World Vision said the kids will only drink water and fruit juice, and, in the case of a St. Albans Episcopal youth group, will break the fast with a spaghetti dinner, much like Gandhi did when he gave up everything but Snapple What-a-Melon to protest the harsh treatment of untouchables. (Unlike the St. Albans kids, however, Gandhi broke his fast with popcorn shrimp from Long John Silver's.)

World Vision's goal is noble. The group wants "to raise $12 million to help children in famine-ravaged nations worldwide." During their 30-hour fun-fast, the kids will engage in "activities," most of which will probably not involve foraging for fucking food. Seriously; nice concept, condescending execution. Now where's my goddamn Big Mac? -- Craig Malisow

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