Hunt and Gather

HouStoned is pleased to announce our first scavenger hunt. We’re a simple folk, so we’ve limited the hunt to one item: a tile from Tony’s.

We’ll let Robb Walsh explain:

One day I looked in my mailbox and found a padded brown-paper envelope with a press release and a black granite tile with the word "tony's" on it.

The letter explained that Bob's, which is located in the former Tony's location on Post Oak, preserved a bunch of tiles from the old lobby. The press release canonized the old Tony's tiles as holy relics of Houston's culinary past. And in a clever publicity stunt, the tiles were given away at Bob's grand opening to anybody who made a $100 donation to the Greater Houston Preservation Alliance.

So the tile I got was technically worth $100. Which means if I kept it, I was accepting a gift from Bob's. In the world of restaurant criticism, that's what's known as a bribe. So I have donated the holy icon of Houston restaurant history to you, the readers of the Houston Press.

We've hidden the holy icon somewhere in Houston. First person to find the tile and bring it up to HouStoned World Headquarters will get a bunch of swag, including a T-shirt and a bandana (which seems to be the accessory of choice for hipster douches these days). We'll also post his or her photo on the blog, even if the finder chooses to skip the swag and be a keeper.

Keep checking back for clues. Here’s your first:

Happy hunting. -- Keith Plocek

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.