Hurricane Season 2014: Hurricane Bertha Has Arrived

Before digging too deeply into what is going on with hurricane number two of this Atlantic Hurricane Season, can we talk for just a moment about why someone thought Bertha was a good name for a hurricane? I guess if it grew very large, there could be quips about "Big Bertha" from the media. I could imagine Weather Channel bodybuilder and hurricane daredevil Jim Cantore standing on some wind blown street yelling into the mic, "Big Bertha is beating me like a red headed step child." Sure, it's cinematic, but Bertha?

Anyway, Hurricane Bertha is the second in this 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season, but it doesn't appear that it will cause much trouble for the U.S. or any land mass for that matter.

Bertha is well east of the southeastern coast of the U.S. and moving north rather swiftly. There is a chance it will just skirt the coast of Newfoundland, but even that is not a given.

Bertha will likely remain a minimal Category 1 hurricane throughout its rather brief existence and there is nothing else currently in the pipeline in the Atlantic Basin that looks like it will develop into a tropical storm, but we are now in the busiest six weeks of hurricane season, which includes the peak the second week of September.

Maybe you never pay attention to hurricane season until the meat of it finally arrives. Well, it's here.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.