I Am Loving Me Some Cake Boss

For a TLC show, you could do a lot worse than Cake Boss, which follows around a chubby Italian guy named Buddy Valastro who earns a living making fancy cakes in his family's Hoboken bakery.

I'm talking super fancy cakes. Cakes shaped like fire trucks that light up. Cakes that have live birds in them. Cakes with flowers so realistic you think you should water them, not eat them.

Watching Cake Boss fulfills two items on my agenda. First of all, it's food porn. Watching all that yummy sugar and cream and flour and butter mix together into a delicious batter is enough to force me to drive to Kroger to pick up one of their crappy cakes just to get my jonesin' taken care of.  (I seriously did this last weekend after watching a Cake Boss marathon.)

And secondly, Cake Boss provides an awesome opportunity for a drinking game.

Take a shot when:

-- Buddy pronounces the word "fondant" in that slurry Jersey accent
-- They show "one of the girls" working on the icing flowers
-- Stretch the delivery boy gets in trouble (Oh that Stretch!)
-- Buddy's mom freaks out and yells like only an Italian mama can
-- They deliver a cake to an approving audience

Seriously...it is fun and gets you loaded fast. And when you have a nice buzz, that Kroger concoction won't taste half bad.

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Jennifer Mathieu
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